Stamford Stays – Social Media Management

Stamford Stays

Stamford Stays, the best riverside holiday cottages and apartments that are found in Stamford town centre and offer some of the best views of the town, while providing high-class comfort and style, approached us to help with their social media management. The accommodation owners wanted to target and engage with their target audience on multiple social media platforms.

Their main social media focus is on Facebook and Instagram. As part of our customised service for the company, we helped create, establish, and manage both their Instagram and Facebook pages, as well as providing fresh and engaging content regularly to keep their audience interested.

In addition, to help encourage past visitors to book with them again and to target new and interested customers, we also helped spearhead, design and manage social media advertising campaigns.

As people choose holiday accommodation based on what they see with their eyes, Instagram is well-suited to the type of customers they were trying to attract and their business model. People also book their holidays and specialist accommodation like those offered by Stamford Stays based on the type of experience they want to have. Therefore, it was important that we gave their target audience a snapshot of the kind of experience they could have staying in Stamford.

This was achieved with lots of well-executed and perfectly framed photography that showed the accommodation and stunning views of the town and its surrounding areas in the best possible light.