MIPS – Web Design


Medical and Industrial Pipelines Systems Limited, or MIPS for short, is one of the leading companies in specialist gas distribution system installation and is based in Ireland. The company’s work involves designing, manufacturing, installing, commissioning, validating, and maintaining specialist gas systems and equipment for a variety of industries and sectors. They approached us to deliver a suitable web design solution. We won the bid out of 9 competitor submission bids!

As the products and services, they offer are incredibly technical and for the commercial sector, we knew it was best for their website to show that technical experience and knowledge. That is why we kept it nice, clean and above all informative with lots of links to various PDF’S etc.

Because the target audience is more professional and commercial, we were not worried about the content being too technical or jargony. We used their competitors’ sites as a foundation for the kind of site we wanted to develop, but to make MIPS the best in addition to information about their many services and products, we also created a page to showcase their brochures to help with increasing leads.

Along with the look and feel of the site, we also helped with the back end side of web design and hosting. We wanted to make the site easy to use and update so that the company could focus their attention on what they do best.

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