Phill Tarling – Website Migration & Hosting, SEO

Phill Tarling

Like many clients that we work with Phill approached us because he was unhappy with the service levels he was receiving from his current provider. As the old saying goes “If I had a pound for everytime I hear that I would be rich”! It is alas a common theme with Digital Marketing Agencys.

We identified that the best way forwards for him was for us to migrate his whole website to one of our web servers. As part of this process we deleted the old theme he was using and recreated his site using DiVi which included fixing all of the errors with his site. He also had several problems with various social media feeds not displaying on his site which we addressed at the same time.

We then completed a full SEO audit for him to identify gaps in his marketing and opportunitys for growth. We will be starting his SEO campaign shortly.