About Our Premier Digital Marketing Agency

15DegreesNorth was first established to provide premier digital marketing agency services back in 2001, although we have had a few domain name changes along the way as we refined our brand. We have been working diligently since that time to provide businesses and individuals with a full range of digital marketing services.


As a premier digital marketing agency providing digital marketing services that include

We know how hard it can be to not only worry about designing a good-looking website but one that actually works at drawing visitors in and then converting them to fully-fledged paying customers. A website with no traffic is in effect a glorified and expensive business card!

Over the last 20 years, our aim has always been to become a premier digital marketing agency in the space and we have worked hard to turn what was a very modest 1-man band small agency providing digital marketing services into one of the premier digital marketing Agency in the UK and now also in Dubai. While that may be a contested fact by some people, one thing we can say for certain is that we will work harder, more effectively and achieve better results than our competitors for more affordable prices on your digital marketing services.

That is our promise.

Premier Digital Marketing Agency
Premier Digital Marketing Agency


Although we originally started out in Peterborough UK we now have an office in Dubai. Mark has spent many a holiday there and quickly saw the opportunity for our premier digital marketing agency services in Dubai’s fast-growing economy.

Our vision was to stand out from the crowd and become one of the top digital marketing companies within the UK by providing our clients with everything they need to have a strong and successful web presence.

We always wanted to provide digital marketing services that were fully collaborative, because we feel that the best results can only be achieved when we team up with you and understand what you need and want. We can then apply our experience, skills, and ingenuity to deliver great results for you and your business.

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