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Wordpress Performance Optimization

Unlike The vast majority of so-called WordPress Performance Optimization Service providers out there, we do not simply install a few plugins, connect you up to Cloudflare or Your favourite CDN of choice and then call it a day.

To be honest we don’t even care what type of WordPress website you have either.

What we do is meticulously tune your website’s theme, code and CSS whilst simultaneously configuring the plugins needed so as to tick every box in terms of performance metrics. Ultimately we get you that juicy green rating (90 to 100) that Google is looking for. Essentially we make your WordPress website as fast as it can possibly be for your site’s human users.

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We Provide Google With EXACTLY What Google Wants To See

It never ceases to amaze us how much misinformation there is surrounding WordPress performance optimization. In fact, there is so much that the ordinary business website owner literally has no chance of sorting through it all. You also cannot achieve true performance just by using plugins. You MUST delve into the theme and the code. So let’s clarify:

It all boils down to what Google wants and Google wants an OPTIMAL USER EXPERIENCE. Simply stated, Google and indeed all of your websites users want to see above the fold content to load as fast as is humanly possible. Like really fast.

“PageSpeed Insights does not take physical measurements. Use it to find ways to improve your site for users, don’t see it as the final goal.”

– John Mueller: Senior Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google on the PageSpeed Insights Tool

When It Comes To WordPress Performance Optimization.

Google Wants To See Two Main things

How long it takes for your above the fold content to render (appear) for your website’s users.

How long it takes for that above the fold content to be interactive for your website’s users.

The individual aspects that we need to improve are as follows:

TTFB (Time to First Byte)

First Contentful Paint

Time to Interactive

Time to Above the Fold Visual Completion;

dom Load Time

Core Web Vitals

Google’s Real-World Speed Index, the Primary Performance Metric we are After Improving.

“The metrics that matter the most are the ones
that represent real user experiences.“

Philip Walton: Engineer at Google working on the Web Platform

“Okay, I’m ready to order your WordPress Performance Optimization now but before I do, how much faster can you make My WordPress site”?

There is a standing joke amongst Search Engine Optimization specialists. Ask them any question and the answer will always be. It depends.

Seriously it is very rare for us NOT to be able to improve your websites performance. Yes hosting plays a big factor but if you are on a bad or slow host we will recommend that you move either to us or to a host of your choice. All you have to do is purchase our Complete WordPress Performance Optimization Service!

In any event, your WordPress website will be significantly faster than when we started that’s guaranteed.

Wordpress Performance Optimization

The Short Answer: A Lot Faster!

Wordpress Performance Optimization
Wordpress Performance Optimization

97% of the websites we work on are AT LEAST twice as fast after having WordPress performance optimization

What Do We Do To Achieve It?

Wordpress Performance Optimization

Our Complete WordPress Performance Optimization Service Will Perform The Following

Upgrade your hosting if needed

Install and Configure WP Rocket Plugin

Install and configure Imagify Image Optimisation plugin

Create an account with Cloudflare CDN and configure it

Optimize images using Imagify

Serve images in WebP format

Minify CSS

Inline small CSS

Put CSS in the document head

Replace the use of CSS @import

Inline critical, above the fold CSS

Minify HTML

Minify JavaScript

Inline small JavaScript

Asynchronously load JavaScript

Eliminate render blocking JavaScript and CSS

Optimise First Contentful Paint

Install SSL and convert your site to it’s secure, HTTPS version

Implement and optimize your site for HTTP/2 (e.g. Server Push)

Enable compression

Implement Full Page Caching

Implement browser caching

Implement Fragment Caching

Implement Object Caching

Implement OpCode Caching

Optimise/Upgrade PHP

Specify a cache validator

Pre load Fonts

Specify image dimensions

Make sure bad requests are avoided

Make sure landing page redirects are avoided

Optimise pre-connecting and pre-loading

Enable Keep-Alive

Minimize redirects

Minimize request size

Optimise your website’s Core Web Vitals (LCP, FID, CLS)

Optimise the order of styles and scripts

Remove query strings from static resources

Advise and migrate your site to a proper faster hosting environment

And SO MUCH more!

Does Our WordPress Performance Optimization Come With A Guarantee Of Our Work? There Sure Is.

In the VERY unlikely event that we cannot improve your websites speed then we give you all your money back and we will allow you to keep ther work we have done.

Have you already had someone try to optimise your site or have you tried to optimis it yourself? We WILL make it faster.  Guaranteed