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We are 15DegreesNorth, a dedicated search engine optimisation agency in the UK and also now Dubai. We provide SEO services to SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) that get results. We will get you more traffic, more leads, and more sales.

A Search Engine Optimization Agency For SMEs

Are you ready to scale your business and get your website ranking with Google? Then look no further.

We provide high-performing SEO campaigns for clients in the UAE.

Collaborating with entrepreneurs and marketing managers to deliver focused SEO campaigns, our highly skilled SEO team has the expertise to provide SEO campaigns for all industry types.

Local Area SEO allows any business, such as florists, property agents, accountants, and builders, to use local SEO to increase visitors to their website. People searching for a particular trade will see your listing at the top of the search results when targeting a specific region or city with SEO.

eCommerce Online Stores can use focused eCommerce SEO with content marketing to boost their website’s ranking in Google and boost traffic numbers to their site.

Medium-sized businesses profit from a mixture of SEO and content marketing to increase their brand’s awareness. New and improved content lets prospective customers progress through the sales pipe.

All types of search engine optimisation (SEO) focus on increased rankings on all search platforms; Google, Bing or Yahoo! the purpose is to increase traffic and, increase website conversions leading to more sales.

A Search Engine Optimization Agency You Can Rely on

We have developed strong relationships with our clients since 2001. We helped hundreds of businesses to turn their websites into lucrative enterprises increasing traffic and revenue with our SEO services.

We have years of expertise and knowledge as a Search Engine Optimization Agency. We are your trusted partner for the future of your business.

Search Engine Optimization Agency

Our SEO Services

Major traffic growth requires a lot of time, patience, and specific techniques. SEO when done well is worth the investment.

Every 15DegreesNorth SEO campaign is built exclusively for the client based on what is required to get the fastest ROI.

Our SEO strategy includes a range of technical work:

  • Researching and planning
  • Analytics
  • Content creation
  • On-page SEO (web page content)
  • Off-page SEO (backlinks)
  • Technical on-site optimisation (site indexing)
  • Technical site audit
  • Fixing errors and issues thrown up by the audit
  • Performance Measuring and Optimisation (So you can achieve figures like ours)
  • Reporting
  • etc
Search Engine Optimization Agency

Competitor Research

We all want to succeed and want to know what our competitors are doing in the same space. That is why before we do anything else, our SEO experts will perform an audit of three of your competitors to determine how they are ranking (if at all) and for which keywords or phrases.

This allows us to construct your SEO campaign based on their strengths and weaknesses to improve your website’s ranking.

Search Engine Optimization Agency

SEO Auditing

Our first step to creating a plan that will have meaningful results is an SEO Audit. The aim of the audit is to identify as many preliminary issues affecting organic search performance as possible. These could be bad links or technical issues resulting in low rankings.

Our SEO expert will seek out optimisation opportunities on your website and work through these optimisations in top priority order.

Search Engine Optimization Agency


Analytics data allows us to see what is performing well or not so well on your website.

Our SEO expert will audit the existing analytics setup to ensure your tracking is working correctly to deliver the insight you need.

Local SEO Dubai

Keyword Research

Keyword research comes down to understanding the searcher’s intent.

Our SEO expert will work through the key phases of SEO to identify the correct terms likely to lead to increased revenue.

Local SEO Dubai

Page Optimisation

Our SEO expert will optimise your web pages for the most profitable keywords to rank higher in search engines for specific keywords to increase organic traffic.

This is done by inserting keywords seamlessly into title tags, headings, meta descriptions, links, and page content.

Local SEO Dubai

Link Building

To improve your website ranking we recommend using high-quality links to other websites instead of focusing on the volume of links you have. These can be serviced via social media, guest blog posts, or directories from other websites.

Our SEO and content experts will concentrate on contextually relevant, reliable links to boost your search engine rankings.

Local SEO Dubai

Backlink Analysis

Backlinks like link building are especially important for SEO as they represent a “credibility” from one site to another. Backlinks to your website indicate to search engines like Google that others guarantee your content. Although these backlinks do help a site’s ranking, low-quality backlinks can also do more harm than good, keeping a website’s ranking down.

Our SEO expert will audit your existing backlinks and determine whether any harmful links should be removed or disavowed.

Local SEO Dubai

Technical SEO

This is where is gets a little more complex as technical SEO requires improvements to your website that allow search engine spiders to crawl and index your website more effectively to help improve organic rankings and overall performance.

Local SEO Dubai

Content Creation

Content needs to be relevant and refreshed from time to time to target your audience.

Our SEO experts will collaborate with you to create new content and find opportunities to rank and convert new leads.

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Just love working with the guys at 15DegreesNorth.

Darren Goes

What Does A Search Engine Optimization Agency Do Exactly?

In short, the objective of SEO is to improve your website; increase its visibility to rank better and direct more organic traffic to your site. But did you know that Google has well over 200 factors that influence its algorithm? Our good friend Brian Dean over at Backlinko has created an awesome list of them all which you can read here.

In short, a Search Engine Optimization Agency will be optimising your site and pages to meet most if not all of those ranking factors.

Every one of our SEO campaigns has a dedicated Account Manager; your main point-of-contact. Your Account Manager, along with your SEO expert and Content Marketing Specialist, will collaborate to create a long-term SEO strategy for your website.

Our SEO experts will make continual improvements in response to Google’s algorithm changes, to keep your rankings high.

Stage 1 —Analysis

We Analyse Your Existing SEO Campaign: We start your SEO campaign with an audit of your website and analytics setup. We will ensure everything is working properly so we can monitor where your website visitors come from, where they are going on your website and what actions they are taking.

Search Engine Optimization Agency
Search Engine Optimization Agency

Stage 2 — Research

We Research Your Industry: Our SEO experts will research your competition. Not only their rankings but their SEO strategy, their content, and their links. This enables them to seek opportunities to increase your website visibility to rank better and direct more organic traffic to it.

Your competitors’ content and link-building strategy can indicate what’s working well in your niche — or not.

Stage 3 — Plan

We Draft Your SEO Strategy: Based on our research, we will draft a plan of action to improve your website to reach your long-term traffic, leads, and revenue goals. These activities include:

Optimising your website and its content

Creating new and/or updating content

Improving the quality of content linking to your website

Search Engine Optimization Agency
Search Engine Optimization Agency

Stage 4 — Create

Our Search Engine Optimization Agency will create outstanding content: For your website to be highly ranked, our SEO and content marketing experts will collaborate to make your content more relevant, creating the best content for your audience’s search queries. This in turn should lead to an increase in brand authority, trust, and rankings.

Stage 5 —Improvements

We Constantly Make SEO Improvements: Our SEO experts at 15DegreesNorth will continue to monitor how your website ranks in response to our work, what your rivals are up to and any search engine algorithm updates. This enables us to give priority to the work we have planned and deliver the quickest and most effective results possible.

Search Engine Optimization Agency

Want To Get Started With Our Search Engine Optimization Agency?

Are you ready to take the next step with your business’s rankings?

There is no overnight success in SEO. It takes a long-term strategy that focuses on continued growth and not just “quick-wins.”

Step 1 — Get Your Free SEO Review

First provide us with your website details and our SEO experts will record a FREE video review of your website.

You will receive a video unique to your website. The review will check your website’s visibility, usability and how well it is optimised for SEO, and how your social media channels, paid ads, and conversions are optimised.

The review will highlight any high priority fixes that may be necessary. We will send you a “to-do list” with a breakdown of improvements and SEO recommendations.

Step 2 — Get Your SEO and Digital Marketing Plan

If the review indicates there is an opportunity for us to work together on your SEO and marketing campaign, we will offer you a consultancy call with one of our team to walk through your goals in more detail.

Following this, our marketing plan will outline how we will work with suggested milestone targets to aim for over the next three to twelve months.

Step 3 —Plan Your SEO Strategy

You will be allocated a dedicated team of experts all working together, an Account Manager, SEO specialist and Content Writer.

An SEO strategy (plan of action) will be mapped-out after in-depth analysis is conducted, focusing on your website’s present status and opportunities for improvement, based on the objectives we have set together. The team will focus on achieving these objectives by continually reviewing and adjusting your SEO strategy to achieve your milestones.

Step 4 — Watch Your Rankings Improve and Traffic Increase!

As your SEO partner, we will continue to bring innovative ideas to the table and continue to strive for the next level.

SEO data analytics and coverage are great indications that we are moving in the right direction, as the campaign develops, our team will continue to set quarterly milestones with you.

Why We’re Not Your Typical

Search Engine Optimization Agency

We do not send you endless reports for the sake of sending reports. What you receive from 15DegreesNorth will be relevant to your campaign’s performance; a monthly report showing what has been accomplished, how we achieved this and how our work is bringing you closer to your business goals. We keep it jargon free, easy to understand so you can ask all the right questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SEO?
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It is the science of improving your website to rank higher on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo! to name a few.

Search has become the main way that people discover content online so ranking higher on the search engines can lead to an increase in visitor traffic to your website. The algorithms used by search engines work to provide the most useful and relevant content for its users.

So, to be displayed at the top of the Search Engine Result Pages (or “SERPs”), your website needs to provide useful, relevant data associated with the keyword you want to be listed for.

Types of SEO:

  • On-page SEO (web page content – headings, text copy, images, page title and meta description)
  • Off-page SEO (links – internal and external)
  • Technical on-site optimisation (site indexing)
  • Local SEO

At 15DegreesNorth we ensure content is easily available for desktop and mobile users, putting your customers first.

Who will be working on my SEO campaign?
You will have a dedicated Account Manager as your point of contact. The team will include an SEO expert and content writer.
How will I know what you are doing?
We will provide you with a strategy outlining an action plan at the start of any work and then each month end you will receive a report highlighting the milestones progress and achievements.
How quickly can you increase my leads and sales?

The reality is that search engine optimisation can take several months to deliver improved ranking, increased traffic, and increased conversions. The exact time it takes will depend on how hotly contested the search results are between competitor domains, how far behind your site is and the amount of SEO work we’re doing for you. Perhaps counter-intuitively, it’s often websites with the most low-hanging fruit, making some basic SEO mistakes that can see the fastest improvements.

Improvements generally occur after three months of consecutive SEO work, with significant gains occurring between six and twelve months later.
We stress that while SEO is a long-term strategy, it offers an excellent return on investment for many high-growth businesses as organic traffic for commercial searches typically has a very high conversion rate. Here’s just one example of how powerful an SEO campaign can be.

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