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If you are looking for a professional PPC Agency in the UK you have come to the right place. We prepare and run Google Ads campaigns that gain you immediate traffic and ultimately, get you more leads and sales. We’re an accredited Google Ads agency specialising in Google Ads, Google Shopping, Remarketing, YouTube Ads, and the Google Display Network.

Professional Google Ads Campaign Management

As a successful PPC agency in the UK, we understand how important it is for any business to utilise Google Adwords as part of their sales process. Because of the complexities of SEO, it can take months or even years to rank a site at the top spot in Google for your important keywords and phrases. Google Ads is a fantastic way to reach the top spot sooner.

All businesses face a problem though: Google Ads like SEO is horrendously complex! Google makes it oh so easy for a business to set up and start paying them money but if you actually want your campaigns to work and by work we mean.


  • Paying the least amount possible for your clicks
  • Whilst converting as many of those clicks into clients


you need to be using expert mode and like the name suggests you need to be an expert to understand how to get the best out of it.

Creating effective Google Ads campaigns that achieve killer results is neither quick nor easy. That is where we come in. As a premier PPC agency in the UK, we set up and run your campaigns for you with our Google Adwords management service.

We have been using Google Adwords since its launch in 2001 and as such our team has over 20 years of experience as a PPC agency. Thanks to this experience, we can run and manage Google Ads campaigns to achieve the best results for your business – in terms of clicks, exposure and those all-important conversions.

When you hire us, you get the full benefit of collaborating with a team that will oversee all aspects of your ads, from setting everything up, reviewing ads and optimising them to managing bids and creating ad copy. At 15DegreesNorth, we put the time and effort into ensuring your business enjoys the success it deserves.

We don’t set up your campaigns, start getting sales and leave it all to you. We are passionate about getting the best out of the Google Ad campaigns we work on, so we will continue to monitor them, testing and tweaking them constantly to increase the return on investment continually. We run a 46-step optimisation checklist on all campaigns constantly ensuring that we achieve the maximum ROI (Return on Investment) & ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) for you.

A PPC Agency That Cares about Your Business

Since 2001, we have helped hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses increase their traffic and website leads and sales. We have achieved this by using regularly tried-and-tested pay-per-click marketing strategies.

Every Google Ads campaign we run focuses on the one thing that makes a difference to your business: driving leads and sales.

We love nothing more than hitting our CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) targets and seeing a client grow, scale and expand their business. The buzz and sense of achievement that knowing we’ve contributed to that growth brings is hugely addictive.

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Google Ads Management – How We Do It

Our PPC agency team has many years of experience running Google Ads campaigns and achieved some fantastic results for businesses over the years that have grown and reached their goals and exceeded them.

At 15DegreesNorth, we are results-driven and have the expertise, skills and experience necessary to get consistent and tangible results for your business.

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Auditing Google Ads Campaigns

If you have Google Ad campaigns currently running that aren’t getting the results you feel they deserve, we can help. We will conduct a comprehensive audit of the performance of the campaigns and highlight any tweaks we can make to them to boost them.

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Setup Google Ads Campaigns

At 15DegreesNorth, we personally oversee the complete setup of various Google Ads campaigns. Our experts have experience working on YouTube Ads, Remarketing Lists for Search ads (RLSAs), remarketing ads, display ads, Google Shopping or PLAs (product listing ads), and the new Performanmce Max ads.

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Google Ads Campaign Management

Regardless of whether you need brand-new ad campaigns or have existing campaigns running that need improvement, we can supply consistent and effective management to help increase the efficiency and results of your campaigns.

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Tracking of Ad Conversions

Tracking conversions is crucial to ensure your PPC ad campaigns are successful. You are making bids without concrete knowledge of what will work. At 15DegreesNorth, we ensure conversion tracking for your Google PPC ad campaigns is set up correctly. Once we have our comprehensive tracking setup, we can determine how well your landing pages and related campaigns perform.

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Create Ad Copy

Our team knows what works well with Google Ads copy to create the type of campaigns that will showcase your business and maintain consistency with your brand voice. The aim is to encourage your target audience to click on those ads to lead you to your site.

As part of our commitment to providing ongoing support, we evaluate the performance of all ads we run for you regularly, tweaking or adding alternative ad copy to ensure you are always leading your marketplace.

PPC Agency Landing Page Creation

Development of Effective and Engaging Landing Pages

Now we come to landing pages. There is no point in having a superb Google Ads campaign if it does not lead to an equally high-quality landing page with killer sales copy and CTAs (Call To Action).

The copywriters on our team can produce landing pages that capture your business’s unique voice and values, tap into your visitor’s deep needs and wants, and sell the products and services you offer to them to secure those all-important conversions.

Would You Like to See How a Professional PPC Agency Will Help You Achieve Your Business Goals?

Our experienced and talented PPC agency experts are waiting to assess your current marketing strategies. We will look at what you have done so far and provide our suggestions for how you move forward with your Digital advertising.

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Your Google Ads Campaign – The Process

Step One – Google Ads Account Setup and Strategy

As a professional PPC agency we understand that the Google Ads campaigns that are most successful are those that have the strong foundations of a robust strategy, airtight setup from the beginning and detailed structure throughout.

The first month of your Google Ads campaign is spent crafting and tweaking your strategy and creating effective advertisements. Although you may be raring to go, we will not rush to put up half-ready ads and spend your budget on a strategy that won’t gain the conversions you desire.

At 15DegreesNorth, we take a slow and thorough approach to planning and building up highly structured ad campaigns designed for specific members of your target audience and the services or products that interest them. Not only that, but we will develop the best ad copy to ensure your ads are converting.

PPC Agency In Dubai
PPC Agency

Step Two – Analysis and Development of Landing Pages

One of the questions we are asked more than any other at 15DegreesNorth is how long it will take for your PPC campaigns to start converting. The answer to this question highly depends on your landing page, how well it performs, and whether it has been optimised to secure conversions.

A website or business could have a great set of fully-optimised pay-per-click ad campaigns. However, if they have a landing page yet to be designed with conversions in mind, people will likely bounce from the page the moment they arrive or struggle to find exactly what they are interested in quickly enough to convert.

Our PPC agency has an expert team of copywriters that make recommendations about landing pages from the moment we start collaborating with you. As it is in our best interests, we will not send paid traffic to your site’s pages if we feel they need to be edited or created first.

Although there are times when it isn’t apparent whether landing pages will perform well, our expert team can determine this once PPC ads campaigns are up and running. If we discover that the landing pages are not performing well after the campaigns have begun, we will act quickly and offer recommendations.

Step Three – Management of Google Ads Campaigns

It is crucial that once you have PPC ad campaigns up and running that you have comprehensive management of those ads and campaigns. At 15DegreesNorth, we use an extensive list of campaign optimisations to ensure they secure the best return on investment. Included are regular reports on search queries to identify new high-performance keywords and decide on any negative keywords that need to be added. We will also oversee the optimisation of bids, make tweaks to ad copy and review the performance of landing pages.

Once we have the winning formula to run ads successfully, we will discuss your options for scaling to reach your sales targets and business goals.

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Get Started Today

Step One – Free PPC Agency Consultation

Get your PPC agency and website consultation by filling in the form below. We will discuss with you your needs and also analyse your marketing and website. Armed with this information we can then provide recommendations for your business’s best digital marketing approaches. If you currently run PPC ads, we will analyse those too.

PPC Agency Consultation

Step Two – Marketing Review Recomendations

We will supply recommendations for improving your marketing and website and outline how you can reach your business goals.

If we believe Google Ads is a good approach, we will include this in our recommendations. On the other hand, if we believe you will not succeed with it, we will explain why.

PPC Agency Reviewing Recomendations

Step Three – Make the Choice to Implement Our Recommended Marketing Strategy

As part of the review process, we will discuss exactly how your site could earn more traffic, leads, and, eventually, sales. If you want to have a shot yourself, we wish you well and ask that you let us know how it goes. If you want to outsource marketing to us, we can’t wait to get started developing a plan of action using our recommendations.

Remember our PPC agency is always here to answer any questions that you may have.

PPC Agency Implementing Google Ads

Step Four – Watch Your Websites Traffic, Leads and Sales Increase

When you choose 15DegreesNorth as your PPC agency partner, we will collaborate with you from start to finish. As you note your brand visibility, traffic and leads grow, we will conduct reviews to improve that growth even further. Rather than just settling on a nice plateau, we will always push so that your business can achieve the greatness it deserves.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Google Ads and how does it work?

Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) is a PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising network created by Google in 2000. Most of the money that Google earns comes from the AdWords platform. Businesses around the world use AdWords Ads to advertise their products, courses or services directly to potential customers.

One of the most common AdWords adverts that you will see is the Search advert. This one appears at the top of the SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages) When you type in a search key phrase. There are several types of AdWords campaign that can be set up and all of them have their different purposes.

Google Ads works on a Pay Per Click basis in that it allows businesses to pay to display their business’s website (or landing page) for specific search queries searched by users in Google’s search engine. If a user clicks on your advert you pay the going rate for the phrase that they searched from in a bidding auction with other advertisers that are targeting the same phrase.

Any business or individual can set up a Google Ads account. However, the system is very complex and it takes many hours to understand it so as to get the best out of your campaigns. We always recommend speaking to a PPC agency if you lack the time required to learn the platform.

How do your management fees work?

We charge an initial account setup fee which varies based on the client. This is because some clients need a full-on funnel creation with a landing page and sales copy and some don’t. We also charge a flat fixed management fee for our PPC agency services of running your campaigns, unlike other agencies that charge a percentage of your ad spend.

Why? Simple because if we charged a percentage of your ad spend, our goal would be to maximise your ad spending — even if increasing your ad spend doesn’t make sense!

With a fixed management fee, our goals align with yours, so you can relax knowing that we’re making suggestions to make you more money, not us. Your success becomes our success.

Your ad spend is also paid directly to Google and not to us.

How does PPC affect SEO?

In short, it does not. But as with all things in life, there are advantages to doing both.

  • Running PPC campaigns allows you to laser target exactly which keyphrases are driving the sales and customers to your business. It also helps you to tailor your SEO strategy to focus on these phrases over phrases that do not convert so well.
  • Combining an SEO and PPC campaign allows you to take up an awful lot of SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) Space. This serves to catch the eye of the searcher much more. This ultimately gives you more chance of getting that all-important click to your page and not your competition. Using a combination of PPC and SEO can double your CTR.
  • Searchers who see your PPC ad may be more likely to click on your organic search result thus saving you the click cost.

In summary, using PPC and SEO together can help you in your advertising and marketing goals. Having a multi-channel approach to your marketing efforts is always key to beating your competition. SEO and PPC are highly complex topics so we always recommend that you speak with a dedicated ppc agency before spending any money on advertising.

What are the benefits of Google Ads?

Google Ads is a fantastic way for businesses to increase traffic to their websites quickly.

Whereas it can take many months or years for a business to rank at the top of Google for their most important search queries through SEO, Google Ads’ pay-per-click advertising platform allows businesses to appear at the top of Google almost immediately.

While traffic is almost immediate, it does come at a price as many businesses will compete and bid for the most profitable keyword phrases.

If your business urgently needs increased traffic or website sales and leads, then Google Ads is the best way to achieve this.

For many businesses, running a Google Ads campaign can be extremely fruitful for increasing trade. But setting one up can be highly time-intensive, which is why we recommend using a ppc agency service to ensure that the campaign is run by dedicated experts that can continually optimise for efficiency.

Who will be working on my Google Ads campaign?

Your Google Ads campaign will be managed by a dedicated account manager who will be your primary point of contact here at 15DegreesNorth and will be handling all aspects of your campaigns.

They will ensure the whole team focuses on achieving your pay-per-click advertising goals.

What makes you qualified to run Google Ads for my business?

Mark our founder started working with Google Ads and shortly after set up this ppc agency when Google launched the service way back in 2001 now. He has also written several courses on the subject over the years. We have worked with hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses across the UAE, UK, Europe, and the USA to increase their traffic, leads and sales.

Our PPC agency experts at 15DegreesNorth have gained experience across dozens of industries, from cyclists to eCommerce stores and everything in between.

How will I know what you’re doing?

We know that every business wants to be kept up to date on spending. You want to know what your ppc agency is doing, and most importantly, what we’ve achieved.

Each month we provide a transparent PPC agency report that breaks down all of your campaign data for you. It explains the performance of your ads and your landing pages. Your report will detail your CTR (click-through rate), conversion rates, ROAS (return on ad spend), and more.

You also have access to the PPC expert managing your campaign. Your Account manager be available via email or with a pre-booked appointment to fill you in on what we’re doing or answer any questions you might have.

How quickly can you get me new clients or sales?

Typically this is our expectation.

  • We set up your account, perform research, write adverts and turn them on. In Week one after turning them on your Ads start getting approved and generating traffic.
  • In week two the algorithm starts working out who your ideal customers are and building audiences.
  • Your account manager is constantly optimising your campaigns while this is taking place.within the first month of your ads going live, you should see traffic increases to your website and increased leads and sales too.

Please bear in mind that with our PPC agency the majority of your first month with us is spent designing your Google Ads strategy, structure and building out your ad campaigns.

We don’t do set-and-forget marketing. Instead, we will continually review and optimise your Google Ads campaign to see where we can improve your conversion rate and the return on your advertising spend.

The longer your ads are running, the more we can optimise them and the better they will become.

Your success is our success.

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