Responsive Web Design London? If That’s What You’re Looking For Then You’re In the Right Place.

Mark our founder likes us to be different and have our own voice in everything that we do and deliver. Being as much into SEO as we are into human psychology we noticed how many web design companies use the words awards, best and number 1 when describing themselves. We take a different approach and prefer to let our clients give us web design awards and sing our praises if we are deserving.

A Responsive Web Design London Based Agency That Delivers Attractive Customised Website Designs That Achieve Sales

Investing in a custom website does not mean you need to lose sales – you can also have a great-looking site that performs well. The custom site designs we create here at 15DegreesNorth are fully SEO, and CRO (conversion rate optimised) to do all the hard work for you while at the same time looking good.

The 15DegreesNorth Website Development Process

Step One – Initial Consultation

Every project we take on with clients here at 15DegreesNorth starts with the initial consultation. In that meeting, you will be assigned a project manager who will then collaborate with you to develop the specifications for your website.

During this meeting, we will highlight crucial elements of your site and business, like the tone of voice you want for the content, branding, colours, calls to action, and much more. The project manager has everything needed to start designing and developing your website.

Next, we will create a mood board and the wireframe for your site, using our many years of experience in web design and your specific requirements.

responsive web design london
responsive web design london

Step Two – Keyword Research, Create Unique and Engaging Page Copy

With the information you give us during the consultation, we will start extensive keyword research to find the terms you need to target to secure high rankings. These are the most important, relevant and profitable that your target audience uses when looking for sites like yours.

For example, we want this page to rank for “Responsive Web Design London” so we have made sure to optimise it for that. Although I can tell you that is not easy with such a long phrase.

Once we have a list of keywords and phrases, our in-house copywriter will create copy designed to convert visitors to your site into customers. This is also the stage when our design team will start designing your site, using your requirements.

As we complete work on the initial designs, we will ask you for feedback to make sure you like what we have done so far before we start building the site.

Step Three – The Build

Once the site design has been finished and approved by you, we will bring the design to life. Using customised coding, our developers will create the website on the right platform, and if you are happy, we will add finishing details and launch your site.

We actually use Agile development methodology when we create so we build an initial site that you can look at on one of our staging servers. This allows you to see what your site looks like in real-time as we develop it.

Responsive Web Design London
Responsive Web Design London

Continuous Support

There needs to be more than a responsive, attractive, and fully optimised website. You need to make sure you update your site regularly to maintain it.

Normally websites are hosted with us after delivery and we ensure that all of your themes and plug-ins are kept up to date. If you do choose to host yourself we provide details of what you need to update and how often.

It’s also important to note that your site comes with our six-week warranty, which means you have ongoing support from our team while you familiarise yourself with managing your new site.

15DegreesNorth The Responsive Web Design London Based Agency Of Choice

Are you looking for a reliable Responsive Web Design London Based Web Design Agency that will provide you with a fantastic website? Consider working with 15DegreesNorth.

We are confident you will not find a better team elsewhere that is as passionate about its client’s businesses as our web design experts. Our goal is to build and maintain strong working relationships. We want to build a site that will represent your business.

On our team, we have fully qualified, experienced, and talented designers, full-stack end-to-end developers, SEO specialists, and QA experts.

Responsive Web Design London

Why Trust Us?

How Much Will My New Website Cost?

For a free consultation appointment with one of our team, click on the button below. During the call, we will discuss the specifications you need for your website, what you need it to do and what you need it to look like, the business goals you have and, crucially, your target audience.

Only after we have that information can we give you a prospective price. If you agree to collaborate with us, we will develop a full-scale development and deployment plan and provide you with a more detailed breakdown and exact price.

What Our Clients Say about Us

“When we worked with 15DegreesNorth, the website we got was exactly what we needed. The entire process, from start to finish, was so quick and easy, and we never felt like we were waiting too long to hear about progress. The finished site was well within budget and delivered and launched on time. After they had delivered far beyond our expectations, they provided us with second-to-none aftercare and a handover process that left us confident with the website in our hands.”

“I want to thank 15DegreesNorth and wish them all the success for the hard work they put in on our website. They have made a genuinely impactful difference to our business and all my team’s lives in a relatively short time. I can’t recommend them enough, and for me, that worries me because I will be concerned if one of our rivals comes across them and uses their talents to better us!”

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Why Pick Our Responsive Web Design London Agency To Create Your Website?

We are a highly professional and talented web design agency based in London and now also in Dubai. We have designed, developed, and launched hundreds of websites for businesses. Aside from that, we spend lots of time throughout the year analysing many more and providing our marketing and consultancy services. If you’re looking for Responsive Web Design London, you have found the right place.

Every site we build has been carefully designed by our fantastic team of Project Managers, Editors, Copywriters, Developers and Designers based on all we have learned from being in the industry for so long. We know how to make a beautiful and engaging website.

Each site we provide to our clients is built with precision and perfection in mind. We put in the hard work and time to ensure a site is exactly how our clients want it, from all the design and branding to the actual content on the pages.

When you choose to work with 15DegreesNorth, you will not experience any of the appalling lock-ins that some unscrupulous agencies do – you will always have 100% access to your site.

Websites Designed and Built with Conversions in Mind

It’s all very well and good having a pretty website, but if it’s not converting for you, it’s as useless as a salesperson who can’t sell. We believe that your site should work hard for you and be an effective and profitable marketing asset.

That’s why you can trust that the sites we design and build don’t just look professional and attractive; they perform and convert too. We understand that you need a site that makes the most sales possible, with the highest conversion state, so that all the traffic that drives to it is as valuable as possible. Therefore, all websites created by 15DegreesNorth are optimised with conversion in mind. It is the very first thing we consider when planning out a site.

All Custom Website Designs Feature:

Clear CTAs on every page so your visitors get the motivation to convert

Click To Call numbers are used to increase phone conversions with mobile users

Slick and minimalist navigation and drop-down menus make it easy for your visitors to get around your site

Above the Fold optimisation helps reduce the bounce rate and provide your visitors with the critical information they need within seconds.

Control of the Website is in Your Hands

As a responsive web design London company, we believe that you should not have to always turn to the developer when you need help adding or changing something on your site. To be as competitive as possible online, you or one of your team need to be able to have complete control over your site. That includes edits and updates to ensure it continues to thrive and grow. Therefore, you will be given complete control once we have launched your website successfully.

No Lock-Ins – Here’s How Things Work With 15DegreesNorth Sites

We use WordPress to build most of the sites we develop for clients with Divi as the main theme. WordPress is our preferred platform because it is easy to use and scale. Pages can be added and edited easily, as can blogs and products, without too much technical know-how.

If you are not as familiar with WordPress as you would like, we can provide step-by-step tutorials on how to get the most out of your site within the admin/back-end area.

If you prefer us to make edits and changes, we are okay with that. We offer site maintenance and hosting packages that cover these requirements.

All of our web designs receive 12 months of hosting for FREE.

What you won’t get from us is a site that has been fully customised using CMSs that are rarely updated and will be hard to update regularly without ongoing support from specialists. Your site is far too important to your business for it to be only the developer that can help you with running it.

Sites Designed and Built to Rank on Search Engines

SEO and indeed performance is the very fabric of 15DegreesNorth. From 2001 onwards, we have been working with businesses and providing them with organic traffic that has helped them grow and thrive. Therefore, all sites we create are designed and built with SEO fully in mind.

Indeed as a responsive web design London specialist company and as that is a phrase we want to rank for it is important to convey that to Google throughout each page otherwise how does Google know what to rank your page for?

You might be wanting to rank for web design, dental implants or even responsive web design London. Regardless of your chosen page phrase as a rule of thumb, it needs to be mentioned between 1% to 1.5% of the time based on the number of words on page. 2000 words would equal around 20 mentions of the phrase.

We conduct keyword research from the earliest stages of a site build to ensure the copy and structure are optimised for Google and other search engines. SEO is a part of what we do. Of course some phrases are easier to craft into page copy than others. It is no small task trying to get responsive web design London to work LOL.

As I said SEO can be very tricky though because trying to insert the phrase responsive web design London into your page copy and at the same time make it readable can be quite challenging at times 🙂

How We Optimise Sites

All site pages have fully optimised meta descriptions and page titles (and selected product pages for eCommerce business sites)

All webpages have page copy that has been optimised for search engines (as well as some product pages on eCommerce business sites). This page is optimised for the keyphrase responsive web design London

We will create and submit the sitemap

The site will be submitted to Google Search Console

We will install Google Analytics so you can spot profitable opportunities

We will carefully structure the site, its pages and URLs with SEO in mind

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the design and build process take?

Every website is different and depends on the functionality and size needed. We ask for testimonials, copy suggestions, information, and images upfront so we can work with as much material as possible. We are just as big on timekeeping as you are, and we prefer to have everything we need to be organised before we start.

Do I get much of a say in the design?

Yes! The website is custom-designed based on your requirements and specifications.

How much will the site cost?

To find out more, request a free consultation appointment today, and we can discuss how we will help your business increase its conversions with an attractive and responsible website.

Are You Ready for an Awesome New Website?

As a premier Dubai web design company, 15DegreesNorth and our team of digital marketing consultants are waiting to hear from you so we can help you. We will conduct an analysis and do all the hard work based on your requirements to provide a site that will show you just what a new website from us can do for your business.

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