An Affordable Social Media Agency That Understands What Makes People Tick So That They Click!

Have you noticed how every Social Media Agency claims to be number 1, top, best or award-winning? Says who? Them!

We would argue that in a sea of advertising using the same language that everyone else is using makes you the same as everyone else! We are NOT the same as everyone else.

A Professional and Affordable Social Media Agency

We help businesses like yours to establish professional credibility and attract new followers by creating stunning, relevant and engaging social media posts. We have also been doing it for a long time, pretty much since Facebook launched way back in 2004. We added social media agency to our list of services around 2006.

Check out these stats because they are the reason that you NEED to be on social media and start growing your followers today.

More than half of the world now uses social media (59%) and a LOT of those use a social media agency like ours.

4.70 billion people around the world now use social media, 227 million new users have come online within the last 12 months

The average daily time spent using social media is 2h 29m.

To help you grab a slice of this pie we create unique content that is expertly crafted to help build your brand.

Using Canva we design stunning images and slides for your posts.

Our affordable social media management helps you to build stronger relationships with your followers.

Social Media Agency
Social Media Agency

Targeted and
Affordable Social Media Management

Our Social Media Agency is expert at creating engaging content that will help to grow you a base of real people that match your target audience. It is important to speak in your voice not to mention understand human psychology and why people click on links, adverts and posts.

Anyone can create a social media post but not everyone can create one that is engaging!

We specialise in creating engaging headlines and copy so that you can increase the organic reach of your business on various social media platforms.

All of your followers will be REAL people. Not fake followers or bots.

We generate organic growth using real people.

Growing your Social Media will help to attract more customers to your business.

Social Media Agency

Transparent Pricing

Finally! A social media agency with easy to understand pricing which allows you to budget effectivly.

After your strategy session, we will send you a proposal based on what we discussed and what your needs are.

We have a seamless client onboarding process.

This allows you to save time and focus on your business.

Easy & Painless
Cancellation Process

Unlike others our affordable social media management service is month-to-month. If you decide that you would like to cancel your subscription then you can do so at any stage.

Our social media agency does not have long contracts.

You can cancel anytime.

Social Media Agency

Affordable Social Media Management FAQ

Claim your FREE 30 minute Marketing Review and as an added BONUS get your very own 87-page guide on Social Media Strategy.

This guide includes everything from platform image sizes to #hashtag research.

Book in and Have your FREE Strategy session

During this session we will, go through all of your Social Media needs

Client Onboarding

Provide information about your business and the industry you are in via our client intake forms.

Social Media Research

We spend the next 5 – 7 days researching your business on social media to make sure we are creating relevant and effective content for you.

Review & Approve

We then provide your first posts and either post them for you or send them to you for you to post.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Social Media Management Facebook Ads?


There is much confusion over this.

Social Media Management:

Typically performed by a freelancer or social media agency like ours.
Creates posts and content for your various social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok etc) on an agreed schedule.
Either posts your copy and imagery or creates it for you.
Responds to comments.
Asks for page likes.
Helps with lives.
Engages with your clients on posts.
Is not responsible for increasing followers (Can be if this was agreed at the outset).

Facebook Ads Management:

Typically performed by a freelancer or social media agency like ours.
Creates Facebook adverts for you.
Boost posts for engagement and follower increase.
Uses your copy and imagery (video) for advert creation or creates his own.
Creates and or advises on full funnels.
Creates or edits sales landing pages for better conversions.
Integrates analytics and conversion tracking.
Ensures Pixel is installed correctly.
Runs monthly reports.

As you can see the two jobs are totally different in nature. At the moment we are not running Facebook adverts for clients.

How do I get started?

Firstly we always have a strategy session to iron out your needs and to see if we are a good fit for each other.

Next, we will be in touch with a proposal.

Once you have signed that we set up billing and get started.

We then research your business and industry in-depth and create your first week of social media posts.

Then, once our proofreaders have finished doing their thing, we will email you with a preview of your first week of posts.

You can then either ask for revisions or simply approve the posts.

What kind of content will you post?

This completely depends on your business and industry, but here are some examples of what we will post:

Custom banners and graphics
Promotional posts related to your products or services
Popular industry news and articles
Quotes and motivation
Tips and tricks
National awareness days
Seasonal posts
Images and videos
Blog posts

What is your ‘Growth Booster’ service?

We have a manual growth team that will manually log in to your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts every working day. They follow and like any relevant profiles, posts or content. This helps to increase your targeted reach and organic followers over time.

P.S. We do NOT use bots for this process. We use real people to grow your Social Media accounts, the right way.

Social Growth is an additional service that we discuss in our strategy session.

How long will it take before you start?

Once you sign up, it normally takes around 5-7 days before your first week of social media posts are ready for review.

How much time and effort do you need from me?

Our affordable social media agency service is designed to save you time, money and effort. Once you have completed the onboarding process there is nothing else we need from you apart from images and any information about your business promotions, events or offers etc.

Can I still post to my social media pages?

Yes of course! We encourage this. You are free to post as much as you like. They are your social media pages.

Do I need to sign a contract?

We have a proposal that lays out our services. However If you decide that you don’t want to continue with our services then you can cancel at any time and never make another payment.

How many followers will my business get per month?

Most social media agencies will use follower bots that generate thousands of followers per month for you – BUT these are almost all fake accounts and while they look good are of no use to you. We focus on targeting REAL people that will really be interested in your business and its services.

The amount of targeted followers you can expect depends on your industry, the package you choose, and the quality of your content.