Tongue In Cheek – Web Design, SEO, Facebook and Social Media Management

Tongue In Cheek

We were excited when personalised gifts brand and company Tongue in Cheek Creations approached us to work with them. Until then, we had yet to work with a business or website in the personalised gifts space and there is nothing we love more than a challenge.

The Challenge

What we were impressed with was that rather than just offering the fairly bog-standard “I love you” and “congratulations” on their style of gifts, their whole selling point is that they do not offer the cliches and instead offer real messages with authenticity, warmth and a little bit of healthy cheekiness thrown in for good measure. Along with the traditional cards, their gifts consist of some of the most delicious chocolate, and, noteworthy as it’s different from a lot of companies out there, Indian sweets.

Manjit and Rav from the company approached us to work on just about everything, that included:

✅The website

✅The branding and logo

✅The SEO

✅The Social Media

Web Design

The great thing about working with Tongue in Cheek Creations was that they knew exactly what they wanted and provided what was an incredibly watertight and comprehensive brief.

This helped us to design, create and build a website that they could scrutinize and then we could adjust as necessary. There were a lot of elements that needed to be included and specific pages they needed that pushed our expertise to the max.

The problem you will come across with other web design agencies is that their focus is primarily on the way the site looks and feels. This is all well and good, but at 15Degrees North, we truly believe that the aesthetics are only one important part of the whole plan.


When it comes to SEO, particularly on a new site for a new business that is trying to make its mark, the approach is very different compared to the approach we would take with an existing business. In addition to focusing on personalised gifts as the main keyword phrase, we also targeted wedding favours, as that is their secondary market.

Facebook and Social Media Marketing

The third area that we worked on for Tongue in Cheek is another speciality of ours here at 15Degrees North – social media marketing, and in particular, Facebook marketing. As part of the work we did for the girls at Tongue in Cheek, we not only helped to set up the necessary profile pages for the business but handled the SEO for the social media accounts and helped with marketing strategies to draw in interested and potential customers.

It was a lot of fun working on this project and pushed our skills and expertise to the limit. Tongue in Cheek needed to come across as a quirky and off-kilter company without losing their