Sandown Business School – Digital Marketing Services


Sandown Business School

Sandown Business School, a renowned institution dedicated to providing professional education and coaching programmes, recognised the need to enhance its digital footprint and reach a wider audience. With a vision to become a leading authority in the field, they sought a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that would elevate their online presence, attract prospective students and foster engagement within the professional coaching community.

SBS Objective:

✅Improve brand visibility and engagement across social media platforms

✅Enhance search engine rankings and increase organic traffic

✅Optimise and manage Facebook and Google Ads campaigns for better ROI

✅Create high-quality engaging content across social channels including blog articles

✅Redesign the website to provide a user-friendly and engaging experience for prospective students

✅To optimise the new site for search engines to improve organic search rankings


Digital Transformation

Our team of experts created a tailored solution that incorporated social media management, content creation, website redesign, search engine optimization (SEO) and targeted advertising campaigns on Facebook and Google.

We took Sandown Business School’s social media channels, curating a content strategy that resonated with their target audience of aspiring and experienced coaching professionals. Our team create engaging posts, thought-provoking articles, industry insights and visually captivating visuals, fostering a vibrant online community.

Boosting Online Discoverability

To enhance Sandown Business School’s online visibility, we implemented a robust SEO strategy. Our team conducted in-depth keyword research, optimised website content and implemented technical SEO best practices to improve search engine rankings. By targeting relevant keywords and using industry-specific content, we help Sandown Business School establish a strong online presence, attracting qualified traffic and increasing their visibility among individuals seeking professional coaching education and resources.

To complement our organic efforts, we executed targeted advertising campaigns on Facebook and Google. Our team use advanced targeting capabilities to reach highly relevant audiences, including individuals interested in personal and professional development, coaching certifications, and related fields.

Website Redesign

Recognising the importance of a user-friendly and visually appealing online platform, we have embarked on a comprehensive website redesign project. Our team collaborate closely with Sandown Business School’s stakeholders to understand their unique requirements and brand identity.

Measurable Results and Ongoing Collaboration

Our partnership with Sandown Business School is seeing remarkable results, including a significant increase in website traffic, social media engagement and lead generation. By using our expertise in digital marketing and our commitment to data-driven strategies, we support Sandown Business School to achieve their growth objectives.

As we continue our collaboration, we remain dedicated to adapting our strategies to evolving market trends and leveraging cutting-edge digital solutions to propel Sandown Business School’s success to new heights.