Progressive Lets – Social Media Management

Progressive Lets

Serving several different areas throughout the Midlands, Progressive Lets is an agency that takes care of everything from property management, refurbishment, and sourcing to property lettings and is a certified HMO Specialist. As they deal with a mixture of professional property owners, residential property owners and also rental tenants, their social media accounts need to have profiles and publish content that appeals to that wide spectrum of clients.

The company’s target audience mostly use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, so it was important that they had appealing, effective and active accounts on all three of those platforms. At 15Degrees- North, we used our experience and expertise in social media to make sure they had an active presence.

As well as producing and uploading interesting content that was attractive to their target audience, we also helped to design, develop, and run marketing and advertising campaigns through their social media accounts.

One of the things that makes them different from many of the letting’s agencies out there is the fact that because they are deliberately small, they can offer a more personalised experience to their clients, which is what we tried to reflect through their social media accounts.

The content had to be professional and informative, while engagement with their clients needed to be direct and down to earth. They really wanted to be as approachable as they could be, without a lot of the airs and graces that often come with other agencies in that sector.