J Bear Properties – Web Design

J Bear Properties

J Bear Properties is a Harrow-based cash property buyer that is a market leader and has a strong focus on delivering customer service and customer satisfaction. They approached us to help with a new web design for their business. We spent some time getting to know the team behind the name, what drives them, the kind of website they wanted and the type of personality they wanted to convey to their interested clients.

As cash property buying is all about offering a quick, easy, and very convenient service to people who want to sell their property in the least stressful way possible, we knew the site had to be extremely user friendly and easy to use.

We kept it nice and clean, presented clearly enough for both laptop users and smartphone/tablet users. Although we felt it was important to provide an adequate amount of engaging content that explained the process and how homeowners could sell their property, we didn’t want to bore visitors. So rather than huge blocks of text, we kept it all light and fresh and used striking boxes, Blurbs and different font sizes to make it more appealing to the eye.

Also, it was crucial to make sure the site provided means for property owners to request a valuation and cash offer for their property that they could accept with little to no hassle.

In addition to the look, feel and layout of the website, we also devised the back end to make it easy for the site to be updated.

The company were pleased with the site and felt it matched their no-nonsense and professional, but very personable brand.