Worship at the alter of email

by | Dec 13, 2017

I like to do a lot of experimentation and a personal favorite of mine is to collect email sequences, Ive done this for years and started off back in 98 with Corey Rudl. It gives you an insight into what people are doing with their marketing and of course ideas for your own.

Anyway as a bit of fun I put together a small sheet to show you just how prolific some marketers are at emailing you once they have your nugget of gold, your email address.

Now I’m not being judgemental here. I like most of these guys, well some of them at least and I have even bought some of their stuff over the years just to see what they are up too.

However some of them either spend all of their day writing email chains or they have a nice team to do it for them 🙂  Probably the latter.


MarketerDate SubscribedAmount Received
Chris Cobb21/03/2017290
Daryl Rosser13/06/2017262
Frank Kern19/03/2016246
Bob Proctor27/05/2016238
Cody Butler27/08/2016235
Eben Pagan11/01/2017214
Peter Thomson20/03/2017168
James Beattie29/03/2017120
David Tian08/04/2017119
David Siteman20/03/2017104
Chris & Taylor Welch07/05/2017101
Dean Graziosi20/03/2017100
SEM Rush20/03/201793
Stu Mclaren05/04/201791
Amy Porterfield17/07/201780
Funnel Dash27/09/201772
David Bayer27/08/201764
Serp Logic24/08/201764
Aaron Fletcher30/09/201761
Jo Barnes20/03/201761
Russel Brunson26/05/201758
The Hoth21/03/201758
Matt Diggity04/04/201756
Rob Tyson25/07/201754
Jon Loomer26/09/201752
Pat Flynn30/12/201752
Brian Page15/06/201749
Sam Cook08/09/201745
Eric lancheres12/04/201741
Kim Sneider08/09/201738
Sam Ovens11/07/201736
Jon Haver20/03/201734
Saj P22/03/201731
Mike Schmidt20/02/201816
Brian Dean10/11/201616
Taylor Welch06/09/201715
Leslie Rhode09/08/201715
Tim Schmidt21/09/201711
Liz Benny11/07/201710
Dan Thies11/09/20179
Sergio Estevez12/08/20178
Glenn Allsopp21/03/20178
Jess Jobes22/09/20175
Marketers Braintrust13/09/20175
Cat Howel06/03/20183



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