All That Glitters in Digital Marketing is not Gold

by | Oct 11, 2018

All that glitters is not gold

Ah what a statement that is. It actually comes from the term fool’s gold. Fools Gold is Pyrite and may be shiny and brass-colored, but as any miner will tell you, it is not as good as gold. No where near as good in fact.


This is what it looks like..


Looks like gold to me. Id be well excited if I came across that down a dark tunnel!

This inferior mineral nicknamed fool’s gold only mimics gold in looks. Pyrite is more common, harder, and more brittle than gold. When crushed into powder, it looks greenish-black, whereas real gold powder is yellow.

It was called fools gold because in a dark tunnel when you’re tired and it’s only lit by candle light it can “Appear” to be gold and thus make a fool of you when you find out upon close inspection that is isn’t Gold at all ☹


Internet marketing is FULL of fool’s gold. All those promises and secrets so full of promise, rarely delivered.


Over the years and it’s been a few since 1999 when I first started by following the late great Corey Rudl on this journey I have spent well over a quarter of a million pounds on books, courses, seminars, videos, private memberships and VIP training’s. I’m a sucker for punishment eh!

I’ve learned a lot! The biggest thing that I’ve learned by far is that I rarely learn anything new from all of this material. On occasion I come across a nugget of gold or person and immediately follow them or join their private club but it’s rare, very.

Webinar on Digital Marketing


In fact, invariably the webinar or sales letter or the latest ill just jog down the road, or drive my car, or sit in my swimming pool while doing a marketing video (yes, I’ve seen them all) is much much better than the material once I get on the inside. I always have that feeling of oh is that it. Meh.

So, this got me thinking about fools gold and how full of promise it was and yet consistently failed to deliver for those miners back in the Yukon and the similarity’s to the internet marketing world we now inhabit.


What’s going on then?


There is of course a lot of money to be made running an internet marketing business if you put the work in and keep at it. It also seems on the surface that everyone is successful at it but you! Everyone is making tons of this money but you. You start to ask yourself?


How are they doing that?

Why can’t I?

They must know something I don’t!

They must have a>>>


Internet Marketing Secrets


Of course they do, They know shit that I don’t. They have a secret and for $2991 split into 3 handy payments of $997 I can get it.


I’m in. Where do I sign up for this nugget of Gold.


Now of course there are many things to learn when you embark upon running any kind of business and you must keep up with knowledge acquisition and keeping up your own skills so of course you are constantly tempted and indeed bombarded with all sorts of offers for new knowledge and or software.

In terms of running a purely internet based business you can choose to specialise into SEO or Facebook adverts or you might be a Web Designer or Google Ad Words expert. You might decide to sell retail products and go the whole hog with Amazon drop shipping, that’s easy right?

Whatever you do you will have to learn how to do that and become an expert in it (your personal training) and then once you have become an expert in it you must also learn how to build and then promote it (your internet marketing training).

The thing is with any business


No promotion

No funnels

No advertising


Equals no business and no new clients coming into it. No money for you in other words.

Once you have done all of the above and have actually run the business, made all of the mistakes we all do, been depressed about it all, wanted to give up numerous times and finally got your first client and made some money, although not as much as you thought you would or had been led to believe by your new Guru. You are now in a position hopefully, where you could pass on that hard-earned knowledge to other people who are starting out.


So, you create an offshoot business selling this knowledge.  You become a Guru. A peddler of courses and ultimately end up looking like this. This is me on a good day 🙂

SEO Guru


You then start over, create your course with accompanying videos (of course) Find a course selling platform (there are hundreds) I use INDIE myself when we have a new course to sell. Setup your inbound funnels and your webinars, think about up sells, sales letters, thanks pages, email chains and all of that good stuff that no one tells you about and finally, finally you push the button where internet glory and fame await you. Plus, if you’re lucky a few course sales too ?


Good luck to you. I hope you sells loads of courses or programs. You deserve it after doing all that.


There is a shortcut though!

SEO Shortcut

You can bypass a LOT of the above. You can buy a program or course. Re write it and add your own spin, setup the course selling platform and start selling. You position yourself as an expert without ever having done it yourself.

Trust me the internet is FULL of them. That latest Guru teaching you his latest secrets! Has he actually done it himself? Over years of hard work trial and tribulation!

As I said fool’s gold. It’s worth something of course but it’s not worth as much as experience and your own knowledge. Invariably based on my experience these courses are a bit Meh and under deliver in content, substance and knowledge. I’ve bought a few.

They spend way more time and effort on the sales process and sales letter than the material.

Now I’m not saying here that all Gurus or course peddlers are snake oil salesmen or masquerading at it.  There are some gems out there and I have bought and will continue to buy their material.


BUT you must sort the wheat from the chaff here. It is your responsibility not to be naive about this.

Sorting the Chaff out of Digital Marketing

What I’ve learned over the years is that most people rarely give away their secrets. This is especially so when it comes to making money. It’s a secret right!  But there are also lots of other things at work here such as ego and not wanting others to be more successful than you are etc. Some cultures are also more open than others. Here is the UK we struggle with other people’s success and generally don’t deal with it well.

Occasionally you do come across someone that does share their knowledge and secrets. I do, my friend Glen does from Viper chill.  You can ask me anything and ill tell you how to do it no holds barred. Glen does the same and releases amazing articles that are very detailed. He does the same on It’s probably why I get on with him so well.

In my own case my knowledge has been acquired through over the 30 years within the IT industry and working on the internet across a variety of my own and also client projects. Glen is the same and started out with a crappy blog talking about SEO when he was 16. He and I persisted though. Which is what you must do.

You must keep at it. Keep writing those blog posts even when no one is reading them. Keep working on your site when you don’t have a single client. Yes, it’s hard, yes we’ve all been there. No there are no shortcuts.


Everything is life that is worthwhile is hard to achieve. But most of all what you must do is not be naïve and think that the secret to success lies in a secret that you have not found yet.


The REAL secret to success is hard work and persistence and lot’s of it. Now just click this link and buy my new course for $3997 and ill tell you all my secrets.

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