Entrepreneur Overload

by | Apr 17, 2018

Hi Guys

So this is a subject that is close to my heart and I’m quite passionate about. I’m actually passionate about a lot of things but this ones right up there.

Entrepreneur Overload

ALL of us suffer or indeed have suffered from this malady at some point in our journey to all things shiny and gold. Pretty much all of us start out on this journey for the same few reasons.

1. We want to quit our job and work for ourselves in our own business

2. We just want to earn more money and eye the internet as a pot of gold

3. We genuinely are passionate and want to share our thoughts and ideas with other like minded souls.

There are probably a few other reasons, mine was number 1 and number 3. I didn’t need number two as Ive always earned plenty of money in my consulting career thankfully. But I did want to escape from my corporate career and also felt I had a lot of knowledge to share and I do enjoy writing.

Anyway whatever your reason for starting out very quickly you encounter

Fear of Missing Out

You see what happens is you start to search for information. Quite right too as there is a lot you need to know how to do. The trouble is the more you dig the more you find. You click on an advert or even look at one in your Facebook feed and the next thing you know is that your whole feed is full of relevant targeted adverts. And don’t they sound just what you need?

You sign up to a Gurus email list (God help you) and you will get an email every day for the rest of your life getting you to sign up to this program or that offer. Don’t get me wrong here Ive bought my fair share of Guru material and some of it has been useful for sure but my point is that you to start to get overloaded. You get pushed from pillar to post with all this information.

The information is attractive and the offers even more so and you just start to feel I don’t want to miss this so ill save the bookmark or email etc. Trust me on this you will end up with hundreds of emails and bookmarks as there are thousands of marketers pushing information at you.

You get distracted and distraction is the killer for an internet business because you get nothing done, well nothing meaningful.

So what to do then?


Focus on internet marketing tasks

Learn to focus on one task at a time in your digital marketing and you will be a lot less stressed out and a lot happier too. You simply cannot be effective if you’re trying to focus on email marketing and also run a Facebook funnel at the same time unless you have a team to help you so you can delegate out tasks effectively.

Choose a marketing technique that appeals to you and nail it, only focus on that one thing until you are an expert and then and only then you might want to add in email marketing or Instagram etc and then do the same again.

Stay focused and you will be a lot happier trust me


Head Honcho

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