Using Expired Domains to Boost your Links

by | Jun 12, 2018

Each week I’m going to drop a link building tip onto the Blog and also here on the Facebook page. I know it’s a subject that many of you struggle with and every tip helps right? I also am mindful of sharing useful information and not just Blogging for the sake of creating content to please our Masters over at Google!

All of these tips take work! Oh wait you were promised riches by the Gurus without doing any, I forget 🙁

So this one I’ll call

Expired Domains


Now depending on who you talk to we are cracking on for over a BILLION websites now on the Internet! More are created everyday as people jump online to share and to try and make money from this vast resource.

Would it be any surprise to you then to know that just like real property’s sometimes a website gets abandoned and the owners disappear never to seen of again! Or they just got fed up running it and want to sell it on.

Now lets say someone had a domain that was heavily linked to and they let it expire.  You could purchase said Domain, setup a website on it yourself and re create content on it and link back to your Money site!

Ok Mark how do I do that then?  This is the abridged version:

  1. Search for and find a list of expired Domains
  2. Buy them with Money
  3. Create a website on the Domain you just purchased using WordPress
  4. Add content to the website
  5. LINK to your money site from this new content

That’s it really. The most onerous part of this process is finding the expired domains in the first place as there a few ways to do it right.

So for step 1 you can search for them using the following sites:

Let’s try Expired Domains

Exspired Domains

Start your search by entering a broad keyword related to your chosen niche into the search box: So for example you could search for

Web Design

This is what I got when I did that search. Once you have your list of results you can play around with ordering them. Of course, the main metric you’re interested in here is back-links. So let’s sort our list by BL

Sort Domains by BackLinks

So we have some promising candidates here.


Now that you have your list copy them into AHREFS batch analysis tool, yes you can use their free account but to be honest you do need a paid account to get the best from your tools.

AHREFS Batch Analysis

Now you’re looking for back-link profiles and if you find one that looks promising then copy that URL into WayBack machine

Way Back Machine used for SEO


This will show you how the website used to look and also more importantly the content that used to be on the site. As you can see we have records back to 2001 here on this site. Now if it looks like the site was a high quality one and also had content that is relevant to your Money Site


Purchase the domain. (If you can afford it)

Now you want to do your usual build out process, install WordPress and rewrite the most linked-to piece of content on the site. Make sure of course to link back to your site from within the new content itself.

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