A Full-Scale Website Audit Service for your company

At 15Degrees-North, we can help to identify and resolve any issues that are preventing your site from ranking better on Google and other search engines.

Noteworthy Benefits of Website Audits

Analysis with a fully involved website audit service like the one we offer can help to make your site more accessible to Google crawlers and other search engine robots. Our full website SEO audit includes the following:

Keyword Research

At 15Degrees-North, we can help you to find the most popular and effective keywords with our very own keyword research tool. This can help you to increase your position in search engine rankings.

On-Page Optimization

With our help, with the free on-page optimization tool we can test your URL and generate a customized SEO report. Testing the SEO score helps us to understand what needs to be fixed to enhance the visibility of your website.

Technical SEO Audits

With our technical SEO audits, we will diagnose all your website technical issues and improve the visibility of your site. Without an audit, you can lose the opportunity of your customers being able to see your site on organic Google searches and on other search engines.

Code Optimization

We check all code as part of our technical audits and also Java source code for problems.

On-Page SEO Audits

With our on-page SEO audit service, we can quickly see the SEO content available on your site, the same way a site crawler views the information.

Check the titles, H1 to H6 tags, the size of the page

Check the keywords on your pages

Check the total word count on your pages

Check the HTML/Text ratio test on your pages

Find images with favicon and alt attributes

Mobile-Friendly Check

Mobile optimization should be included as an important part of your search engine optimization strategy. You can assess your site and get results regardless of where you are located. Our tool not only gives you the results but also provides solutions to help make the performance better.

Check that your site is mobile-friendly

Check that your site will render correctly on any device

Check that the content on the site fits the viewport

Check the page’s buttons and links are big enough for users to tap easily on touchscreen devices.

Insight into Google Page Speed

Run the speed test for your website and use the feedback and suggestions to make it run faster. Our tool suggests a Mobile and Desktop Page Speed score, from 0 to 100.

Check the speed of the page

Check the page statistics

Check the text on the page and ensure it is legible

Check to see if the site uses plugins or not

Check the HTML/Text ratio test

External and Internal Links

As a website audit service, we can perform checks on all the links connected to your site, both internal and external. We can identify the broken links and fix them to help improve the performance of the site.

Check the external and internal links

Check the website DoFollow, NoFollow, and NoIndex links

Check the website for SEO-friendly links