Need a new website?

Look to 15Degrees-North, the Dubai web design company that always looks to achieve the winning combination of functionality and aesthetics. Our web design services utilize cutting-edge design techniques, customer behaviour, statistical data, and the best tech available.

Invest Your Money Wisely in a Website That Works For Your Business

Have you spent a small fortune on business websites that have not performed as you hoped? It’s time to wise up and realize that it’s not as much about how stylish and sophisticated your website is when it comes to its success, but the strategy you use.

When you rely on our services as one of the best web design companies in Dubai, you get more than just a website. We will build you a website from the ground up that will attract and convert your leads into paying customers and clients, while helping to harness the full power of Google and other search engines.

We recognize the real power of your business website – as more than just a brochure or place marker online – it can, when it has been designed properly and fully optimized for SEO, become an effective lead-generating, and converting machine.

All businesses need a steady influx of leads that you can convert into customers.

Build With Engagement in Mind

In our role as a professional Dubai web design company, we will design you a website using a combination of cutting-edge design techniques and principles with statistical analysis and customer psychology. We take this comprehensive approach to make sure your website offers the most effective engagement with your target audience and a conversion rate that secures those sales and profits you desire.

Build To Engage

Built With Search Engines in Mind

As arguably the best web design company in Dubai, we take full advantage of the very latest and best Google-approved strategies and white-hat SEO methods to provide you with a website designed with search engines in mind. This will make it easier to rank and therefore easier for your prospective and existing customers to find your site.

Hassle-Free Editing

Your brand-new website will be built and equipped with the latest CMS DiVi. With this fully customized CMS, we can make it incredibly easy for you to update your content. There is no need for coding expertise. As your website is designed to be reliable and robust, you won’t need to worry about fixing it if it breaks down because that is highly unlikely.

What Makes Our Website Special?

Below we have highlighted some of the under-the-hood aspects of our websites that make them different and why we are considered the best Dubai web design company.


Cybercriminals are always looking for new ways to hack sites and steal your data and ruin your business. At 15Degrees-North, we use the best security features in the industry to make sure your website is safe from harm.

Ultra Fast Hosting

With the cutting-edge dedicated hosting we use, we offer unparalleled reliability and speed. This means your site is unlikely to slow down or suffer from a massive footfall of visitors.

Search Engine Optimisation

Our websites are always designed from the ground up with search engines in mind. This means that your website will meet all of Google’s rigorous criteria. What’s more, our techniques are always above-board and strictly white-hat.

Signature Effects

With our exclusive signature range, we can really bring your site to life using the most outstanding effects, including motion graphics, entrance animations, videos, sliders, and in-depth, fixed backgrounds.


Wherever you are based, the website we design and build for you will meet the current web standards, such as Accessibility, SCA, GDPR, and W3C compliance.

Custom Functions

Are you looking for a customized cost calculator your visitors can use? Looking to integrate your booking system into the site? Perhaps you just want to sell products. Whatever you are looking for in a site, we can provide.

Social Media Integration

Are you looking to imbed your social account feeds into your site? Perhaps you are looking to share blog posts automatically on your social accounts or just want to utilize MailChimp. Whatever you want to do, we can make it possible and improve your social media network.

Time Based Content

One of the most effective ways to boost user engagement with your content is by showing different posts and information based on the time of the day that is relevant to their mindset and current events and activities.


There is no point in having a powerful website if you don’t track its progress. We offer comprehensive analytics and reporting that will help you to continue improving your website.