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From: Mark Nenadic’
Subject: Social Media Management Made Easy

Have You Ever Felt Handcuffed by Your Business?

You know what I’m talking about.

You have BIG ideas…
You see the vision…
You know exactly what you need to do…

And then….

You’re Stuck…

They’ got you…

You don’t know how to code.

You don’t know how to design.

You’re not good at writing page copy or posts (if you’re honest with yourself).

Your grammar and spelling are not what they should be.

There are So MANY channels.

So much software and tools to learn.

It’s like you’re being held hostage by the tech people you used to tease in school… AND you’re caught in the money trap of having to pay too much for something you don’t know will work or not…

And yet, things that you think should be SO simple… things that should only take a few minutes…

Somehow become hours, and then days and then weeks.

With each passing day, your excitement for your big ideas gets dimmer until one day it’s gone. Money wasted… time wasted… with little or nothing to show for it.

Like Phill.

He is super busy running his business and by his own admission is not tech minded. He wanted a company he could trust to take the pain out of what he knows he needs but does not understand how to do.

Sadly, This Is Where Most Businesses Social Media Efforts and Dreams Die.

Half-hearted attempts to do at least something with the business social media accounts whilst looking on with envy at your competitor’s regular slick posting on multiple platforms. Somewhere between the “idea”… and your technical ability to create the pages, images and social media posts you need to promote your business.

This Is Why Businesses like Darren’s turn to us each month at 15DegreesNorth and use us to manage their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram social media platforms.

Look at What We Do For You.

Setup your accounts.
Create your slides and image decks.
Create custom graphics and imagery
Create your posts with correct English grammar and spelling.
Perform Your Hastag Research
Handle your posting schedule.
Post at the optimum times.
Provide a detailed social media and website domain audit.
Give you a monthly progress report.

NO Busy Business Owner wants to deal with all of these moving parts and pieces themselves!

Contact our friendly team now because with us on your team, you no longer have to. We do it all for you so you can focus on what you do best.
Run your business.

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That Your Time
Is Precious…

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