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How Do Our FREE Website

And Business Reviews Work?

Our Web Design reviews are for the following people:

You do NOT have a website yet but you do have an idea and would like this idea and your niche analyzed to understand the traffic and competitors before you embark on your project.

You DO have a website but would like it reviewed before having a potential redesign.

Our process is quite simple:


You supply your business details.

We establish what your business goals are.

We then look at any traffic channels you are currently applying.

And determine what your annual marketing budget is.


Next, we evaluate if your business is ready for a long-term marketing partner like us based on your business’s current marketing position and goals. We work with ambitious small to medium-sized businesses that are looking to scale up sales through online marketing channels.

If after taking an initial look at your business, we feel you would not be a good fit for us we will let you know and offer advice on the next steps you can take.

However, if we do feel that we would be a good digital marketing partner for you we will evaluate your business, website, and marketing. Our team of Digital Marketing experts will check where we can make the biggest impact on your business and increase your traffic and conversions.

We will send you an over-the-shoulder video that explains in detail which parts of your website need improvements and which marketing channels we feel would serve you best to achieve your goals. We will also provide you with an action plan to guide you with your traffic, leads and sales goals.


Our reviews are completely FREE OF CHARGE

Once you have watched your review and processed it, we hope you become a client of 15DegreesNorth at which time we will help you to execute the proposals and recommendations that we made.

If you decide not to become a client of ours but you did enjoy the review and found it valuable all ask is for you to leave an honest and open review of our process.

I am beyond impressed with the quality of the website review that I received. I would highly recommend it to anyone who has a website or brand that is looking to take it to the next level.

Mark Colbourne MBE

Who Will Benefit From Our Free Website Reviews

You might be a business owner or entrepreneur that has a solid idea and would like it evaluated before spending money on costly web design. Or you may have a website already and are looking for a redesign. Whatever group you fall into our reviews will give you solid insights BEFORE you spend money on the project.

Whether you are a Digital Marketing Manager, an eCommerce Store owner, or an SME (Small and Medium-sized Enterprise), our Digital Marketing team can help you achieve increased traffic, leads and sales.

With our expert knowledge, we can work in partnership on your current digital marketing efforts, or we can oversee all the work so that you can continue to run your business.

Having worked with numerous eCommerce stores in the past we have helped them to increase their market share, bringing thousands more visitors to their website each month.

Of course, all this additional traffic has in turn increased their sales. We would like to be able to do the same for you.

“I was very pleased with the honesty and thoroughness of the website review I ordered. It was both insightful and carried out by an actual human, not just an automated report.“

James B

Industries We Have Worked With

Since 2001 15DegreesNorth has conducted hundreds of website reviews and audits for both old and new businesses alike in every industry. Many of them have gone on the become our clients.

We celebrate the diverse range of businesses we have been able to help grow over the years. The industries we have worked with include:


eCommerce Stores


SaaS (Software As A Service)


Property and Estate Agencies


Dental Practices


Accountancy Firms


Food & Beverage


Travel Agents and Tourism


Events Management


Lawyers and Legal Services


Mortgage Brokers


Manufacturing & Engineering Firms


Recruitment Agencies


Fashion & Stylists


Health & Safety

“15DegreesNorth exceeded my expectations! I requested a free website review and the report and video I received were just amazing.“

Darren K Branch

The Review Speaks for Itself

We have lost count of the number of clients that tell us how our website review took their business to another level. The rise in traffic and increase in sales gained from the findings of our reports made it possible for those businesses to grow their teams and expand their service and product offerings.

They scaled up their business by using our core service products of Google AdWords and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

392% Increase in Traffic from Google AdWords and SEO

Olympic Gold medallist Mark Colbourne MBE saw a dramatic rise in website visibility, traffic, and leads after our Website Development team redesigned his website and then embarked on an AdWords and SEO campaign.

Mark’s ambition knows no bounds and our partnership with him has allowed him to take his digital marketing efforts to the next level. He began with a completely new website and then we moved on to Search Engine Optimisation and Google AdWords (PPC).

277% Increase in Traffic from Google Adwords

A specialist pension provider has seen a substantial rise in Google AdWords traffic in the 3 months they have been with 15DegreesNorth.

They were so impressed by the opportunities within the data we presented them that they signed up for our AdWords service right away and committed to a long-term plan with us.

9% Increase in Conversions in 5 Months

One of our clients “Buy Property for Cash” businesses followed the recommendations of our SEO and AdWords review video and saw an immediate improvement in its’ website traffic and conversions.

512% Increase in Revenue in 3 Years

This UK-based eCommerce store partnered with us to implement a long-term SEO campaign and has seen constant growth ever since.

They are now looking to target additional traffic sources through our AdWords service.

“Fantastic review of my site and a great plan to help my site improve its rankings!“

Phill Tarling

What’s Included In Your FREE Website Review?

Our review of your website will assess your current digital marketing strategy, looking for opportunities you can apply instantly to increase your website’s traffic, leads, and sales.

Traffic Analysis

We will check your website and the traffic in your niche area. This will consist of checking:


  • Where you are currently ranking for key ‘words’ and ‘phrases’
  • What you COULD and SHOULD be ranking for


We will evaluate the information above and provide you with guidance on how to improve your rankings. We will also make suggestions on related search queries your website should be ranking for. What we call “Low Hanging Fruit” phrases.

Technical & Performance Analysis

We go deeper than anyone else with our reviews and look at the following:


  • Technical issues on the website that prevent it from ranking
  • Your website performance metrics that Google uses to determine how “Good” your business is at satisfying your customers


We provide this detail in an easy-to-understand report that you enable you to implement it yourself if you wish immediately after watching the video.

Your Competitor Analysis

Let us face it, we all have competition online. Therefore, we will review three of your main competitors in Google’s search results and give you advice on how to take advantage of their vulnerabilities. Trust us they will have them.

We will show you what they are doing well and what they are doing badly with suggestions on how you can surpass them.

Conversion Analysis

We also look at how well your website converts all that incoming traffic. It is no good sending traffic to a website if that traffic will just click away!

We will look at some of your core pages and highlight the changes we would make to increase your website’s conversions and conversion rate.

You will be able to apply many of the lead or sales-increasing changes yourself instantly.

“15DegreesNorth has a level of technical knowledge that is astounding. I am AMAZED they give this much value for FREE“


Who Is 15DegreesNorth?

15DegreesNorth was founded way back in 2001 by Mark Nenadic’.  We have a team of more than 50 web design and digital marketing experts located around the world. We mastered the art of remote working before Covid hit and the concept really took off.

We have many years of expertise in Google Ads Management, Search Engine Optimisation, Content Marketing and Web Development.

Over the years, we have helped hundreds of businesses turn their ideas into lucrative businesses. We have also supported hundreds of individuals to create their first websites and increase their calls from local search.

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“More than impressed by the amount of effort and time that was put into the review of my website! Thank you. I look forward to attempting to make the changes you suggested and will no doubt contact you soon for help when I get stuck.”


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I qualify for a free review?

You qualify for a free website review if:


  • You have a solid idea that you would like us to look at in terms of online traffic and competition
  • Your business has a workable model, and you are ready to scale.
  • You are ready to commit and invest in a new website or web redesign project.
  • Or you have a minimum monthly marketing budget of £2,000 or more.


However due to the simple fact that these reviews take a lot of time to prepare, and we receive hundreds of requests we are unable to provide reviews if you do not meet one or more of the above criteria.

Must I use your services?

No. After the review, you do not have to use any of our services. Our FREE website and marketing review are completely FREE of charge.

You can take the information and implement it yourself or get your team to do it. Each website marketing review video contains a list of recommendations you can action to improve your website.

A website owner can accomplish these tasks, but without prior experience can take much longer to complete. For example, some of them will need you to be able to code or use complex integrations or plugin setups.

Of course, we want to work with new businesses and if you feel that you need support to implement the recommendations made in our videos, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How long do I have to wait for my review?

Due to the popularity of our FREE reviews, there can be a minimum 7-day wait for the delivery of your review after making your request.

What do you look at in your reviews?

We review your website from the point of view of both a potential customer and an experienced digital marketing professional. When we perform your website review, we look at the following:


  • The design of your website; how optimised it is to make content easily accessible.
  • The text content: the page copy on your pages to make sure it is what your customers and Google are expecting to see.
  • We look at your CTAs (Calls-to-Action) to check if they are clear enough and located in the correct place or even on the page at all.
  • Your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) performance; your website’s page titles, meta descriptions and alt tags.
  • We look at 3 of your competitors, what they are doing well, and how well they are ranking in Google. Plus, how you can beat them.
  • Your website’s performance in relation to user experience and ranking.
  • We look at your websites technical errors and issues that should be rectified for you to rank higher.
  • We look at your server and if there are any bad actors hosted on it.


Our FREE marketing website reviews are a great first step for many companies who want to improve their digital marketing and online presence. Though, for the best results, you will need a full SEO Audit.

Do you need access to my website or my website’s analytics?

No, we do not need access to complete our FREE marketing review.

There is, though, a VIP Review which you can upgrade to during the review request process which costs £97.

The VIP Review includes an extensive review of your website and marketing, plus we fast-track this review for you.

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