A Google Adwords Management Agency That Focuses On You

As a full-scale Google AdWords Management Agency, 15DegreesNorth is effective and efficient at achieving success with paid media, such as in the case of Google Pay Per Click Advertisements.

If you have been struggling with Google Adwords we want you to know that you’re far from alone! Google purposely makes Adwords both easy and hard.

Read on.

Why Are We Confident?

When creating your first Adwords account Google presents you with a nice simple little widget to walk you through the account process and get you up and running fast. Just what you want as a busy business owner right? Wrong!

The problem with this is that Google is not interested in you being overly successful at Adwords they are interested in making money from you. As a consequence, the campaigns you set up in easy mode are not optimised to be the best they can be. Expert mode is a very small little button almost hidden away but if you want to maximise Your ROI (Return On Investment) and ROAS (Return On Advert Spend) You DO need to be an expert to get the best from your Adwords Campaigns.

We have been using Adwords since its launch in October 2000, yes that long! When you want to avoid making expensive mistakes, you need to partner with a Google AdWords Management Agency that knows Google Ads inside out. Did you know for example that click fraud can waste 20-30% of any PPC advertisers’ budget?  Competitors and bots can click on your ads and waste your advertising budget in a flash. We use proprietary software to keep these wasteful clicks away from your adverts and thus increase your ROI.

All members of our Google Ads team are appropriately certified; we have spent many years running successful campaigns for numerous companies involved in different industries.

15DegreesNorth – The Google Adwords Management Agency of Choice

There is no doubt that Adwords is complex and as such only the best Google Adwords Management Agencies truly understand how to work with it. After over 20 years we consider ourselves to be among the best in the business when it comes to Google Ad campaigns. You can rely on our fully certified PPC specialists to make your company really stand out. We have also written several courses on this topic over the years.

In the 20 years we have been working as a digital marketing agency, we have worked in collaboration with many big-name brands. This helps us to appreciate the huge challenge it can be to source, cultivate and convert those all-important qualified leads. When you sign up to work with 15DegreesNorth, we will create a bespoke Google Adwords strategy for your business using the best and most effective practices and techniques.

We offer a comprehensive range of Google Ads services to get more clicks, traffic, and conversions, including:

Specialist strategy planning and implementation

Comprehensive keyword and keyphrase searches

Advertisement creation and optimization

In-depth industry competitor analysis

Optimization tips, suggestions and ROI measurements

Enhanced campaign consultation (including the likes of day-parting and geo-targeting)

Continual campaign monitoring and tracking

Regular progress reports

15DegreesNorth is the Best Google AdWords Agency for High-ROI Search Advertising Campaigns

It doesn’t matter what type of business you run, our Google Ads campaigns can provide you with exceptional value.

To avoid you making the same mistakes so many others do on the wrong keywords or spending too much on single clicks that won’t lead to sales, our experts know exactly how to setup your campaigns so as to maxmise your ad spend.

We will collaborate with you to layout achievable goals based on your budget and needs. We will identify audiences and demographics for your business to target and guide you in expanding your services, products or offerings into new and lucrative markets.

The following strategies and techniques are what we use to achieve our goals:

Dynamic Search Advertising – to make it more productive to go for non-brand keywords

Smart solutions for bidding to achieve the highest efficiency

Display Ads – an excellent channel to use for scaling conversions using cheap CPCs (Cost Per Click)

A/B Tests in paid search headlines to help improve Image and Copy, making it easier to get conversions

Targeted CPA (Cost Per Action) Bids – this is a smart technique that ensures you get the most conversions possible either below or for your desired CPA

OCT (Offline Conversion Tracking) – this helps you to connect advertising efforts using your CRM and tracking the quality of leads you have through Google.

We utilize a combination of high performance, continual optimization, and the most current ad strategies to get the best level of engagement you can afford.

Rather than relying on metrics that make no sense, we provide thorough, meaningful, and precise reports that outline the success of all your KPIs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Google Ads is Pay-Per-Click advertising, known as PPC advertising for short. With this form of advertising, your company instructs a specific host, in this case, Google to display advertisements on certain search results pages. Whenever users click on the ad, your business is then charged with a fee.

The purpose is to encourage users to click your ads, then perform another action, like contacting your business, subscribe to your blog, or make a purchase.

Can you guarantee anything?

Unfortunately, we can’t. We are confident in the quality and value of the work we do, but we are not able to guarantee particular results as there are many factors outside of our control, not least Google and also your sales funnels.

How do you charge?

We do not offer general price information. All projects are bespoke. For a better idea of what you can achieve with PPC advertising, get in touch today.